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Laura Budzelek


About Laura Budzelek

Laura Budzelek is a multilingual singer, songwriter and actress. Her music sounds like classic rock with hints of today and lands from far away.  Listeners often reflect on soul and folk elements as well. 

Laura's new jazzy single "Erased Embrace" was released this past summer and debuted live at the famous Saint Moritz Club in Soho, London.  Her other two singles that dropped in 2023; "Lonely Lovely Girl" (Latin rock meets Motown) and "Get Up Now and Move" (retro 70s vibe) premiered at London's legendary venue, The Fiddler's Elbow.  Laura and her band played for American audiences last June as well. 


Her 2019 single "Relish the Romance" was recorded at Abbey Road Studios on none other than Valentine's Day! Laura's 2017 debut album Treasure the World Now is available on major music platforms and selective stores such as Academy Records & CDs, Rough Trade NYC, The Greenwich Historical Society and Portobello Music in London.  Her songs take listeners on a journey through melodies and lyrics reminiscent of French cafés, Caribbean festivities, grand Viennese ballrooms, Celtic folk and New Orleans brass bands. On her tracks, Laura sings, plays keyboards and is joined by talented musicians on bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, trumpet, violin, sousaphone, electric mandolin and drums. The eclectic record is a captivating flow of music.


Fans can follow Laura on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She has been featured in British and American media, in addition to interviews in Spain, France and Italy.  Laura has performed in acclaimed venues in Europe and New York, including Symphony Space, The National Opera Center and the Austrian Consulate General in Manhattan. She sings opera and holds New York theatre and IMDb credits as well. The international artist and her band perform original songs and popular covers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

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